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Head to head

Mnogokomponentnye machine

If You are owner of embroidery business or just become sobiraetes you face the challenge of purchasing equipment for warehousesales production. No matter You need to equip a workshop from scratch or buy extra embroidery equipment and the special role played by the availability,quality and price. OOO 'Neva-Progress'offers industrial embroidery machines for flat embroidery Selenastrum body.

ZSK-174-12 industrial twelve head visualmandarin designed for embroidery of chevrons, epaulettes, ready-made garments,tailoring items, t-shirts. It is also possible to perform the embroidery on plenipotentia. The peculiarity of this series, in contrast to the traditional visualimages, in the strengthened steel casing. Balanced working mechanism semidetailed the machine from vibration and noise.

OOO 'Neva-Progress' offers a wide sortimentului equipment, there are four multi-head machine.You can choose the car that best suits your production!

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