Consumables for professionals in the embroidery.

Consumables (auxiliary materials) for machine embroidery – this is a separate big topic of conversation. And even not one but many topics, because supplies of the sphere. Not so easy to understand at a glance what to use and how. Especially for a beginner.

We have got supplies for embroidery, which are necessary for successful realization of all Your embroidery projects. These materials can be divided into several categories:

1. Thread
Embroidery thread for automatic embroidery machines. Threads for embroidery are of three types - polyester embroidery thread, viscose rayon embroidery thread and metallic embroidery thread. It is also referred to gold or silver( depending on color).

Spoleczna (or bottom) thread. There are two types of sewing polyester and mono filament . Spoleczna the finer the thread the better. the ideal number is 80. In practice, using for embroidery the number 50 and 60

2. Stabilizers – a special backing used to stabilize the materials used in machine embroidery.
• Adhesive interfacing.
• Do not glue interfacing.
Tear-off paper for embroidery.

3. Special materials:
• To give volume (3D embroidery)
• To simulate embroidery (finished covering thread assorted colors)
• The fuser for bonding the finished embroidery products
• Spray adhesive temporary fixing of aplicatii during embroidery.
• Silicone lubricant for embroidery thread

This is only a small list of what you can buy and anything that can be somehow used in machine embroidery.

4. Needles for embroidery are performance of the tip and the shape of the ear. Embroidery needles there are many types - for example, knitwear, skin-friendly, high-speed embroidery machines etc.

This category is not yet filled with goods but now you can buy the stripes on that other website

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