Patch at the years of service (gotowka) 2 two years of service (seniority)

  • 10 or more 35.00р.
  • 50 or more 25.00р.
  • 200 or more 17.00р.

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 Patch at the years of service (gotowka) 2 two years of service (seniority)

Background: black. olive, dark blue

file name in the design database: ks2

Number of colors: 3

Manufacturing technology: embroidery, made in accordance with the Order of the Minister of defense 89 of March 23, 2017.

Threads: polyester or metallic thread

Treatment of the edge of the stripe overlock: Option

Base: gabardine, felt, CordS®

*the PREMIUM option means using Cordas the base of a moisture-resistant and wear-resistant material and the addition of a stripe with a rigid substrate made of special cardboard. This patch design provides high rigidity, no spools, abrasion resistance, water resistance. The total density of the materials that make up the patch with the PREMIUM option is 900 grams per square meter.

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